About Marikina, Philippiness

Marikina City is the manufacturing hub of Metro Manila and is considered the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. Given the intense commercial and industrial activity, it is no wonder Marikina’s emissions are heavily skewed towards its energy sector. However, considering that Marikina City is a fairly small but highly urbanized city, emissions from the transportation sector are low relative to peers in Metro Manila. This can be attributed to the local ordinance on incentivizing the use of bicycles, which gives tax breaks to residents who cycle.


About Marikina, Philippines

Considered as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, Marikina is geared toward securing the city’s economic development through nurturing infant industries and home-grown enterprises. Investments in the city are encouraged through streamlining business processes, prioritizing business automation through a wireless integrated network system, and optimizing resources forbetter infrastructures such as access roads, bikeways, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and others.
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