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In a rapidly urbanizing world, local governments and their communities play a pivotal role in tackling climate change and advancing sustainability. Climate action requires consistent local, regional, national, and global efforts to outpace prior ambitions, paired with communication, collaboration, self-evaluation, and open-minded exploration to co-create solutions.

Through Ambitious City Promises (ACP), cities in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam partnered with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), and each other through the funding from BMU’s International Climate Initiative (IKI) to reimagine their postures towards goal-setting and idea generation. Ultimately, rigorous engagement with 1,200 stakeholders paved each project city’s path to raising climate ambitions beyond their respective countries’ NDCs. Collectively, the three cities have committed to contributing to GHG emissions reduction and avoidance with a total of 918 actions by up to 46 million tCO2e by 2030 through their “City Promises”.

Ambitious City Promises sparked further inspirations of bottom up climate action planning. The Philippines’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) recognized the project methodology as model for mobilizing 32 Philippine cities’ contributions to the Philippines’ NDC under the follow-up program ‘Harnessing Cities Share’.

How bottom-up climate action is spreading

Cities across the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam worked with their communities to craft ambitious city promises that drive local climate action. They continue to build green communities and contribute to local, national and global climate goals.

Ambitious City Promises Final Report

See the results of 4.5 years’ work in Southeast Asian megacities. Ultimately, rigorous stakeholder engagement paved each city’s path to raising climate ambitions, outlined in new City Promise policy documents.

Exceeding project goals: Ambitious City Promises in Numbers

Ambitious City Promises delivered beyond project expectations, setting the tone for Southeast Asian megacities in outpacing climate action ambitions. Read more about the project on our site, including project inspiration, theory of change, and results.

City Promises

Explore the next decade of ambitions embedded into city-level climate action policies.


Get the highlights from 4.5 years of Ambitious City Promises.