Meet the Ambitious Cities

about the cities

With the unprecedented rates of urbanization in Southeast Asia, ambitious low emission development strategies are critical to sustainable development in the region. Through Ambitious City Promises, cities across the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam took, and continue to take, action.


Tangerang is seeking ways to incorporate integrated mass transportation options for its citizens while implementing low emission development initiatives.


Bekasi is implementing a smart mobility agenda focused on integrated modes of transportation, such as light rail and bus rapid transit.


Jakarta has demonstrated its commitment to low emission development and climate adaptation.


The city aims to optimize resources to achieve sustainable infrastructure such as bikeways and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks.


The local government of Parañaque has demonstrated their commitment to low emission development and a climate adaptive agenda.

Pasig City

Pasig City is raising awareness on low emissions development and engaging citizens through public consultations.

Son Tay

Son Tay is committed to environment protection and is working through Ambitious City Promises to achieve a more sustainable development trajectory.

Soc Son

Soc Son aims to harmonize economic development and environmental protection.


Hanoi is establishing its GHG inventory and the Ambitious City Promises project will support the city in establishing a baseline and developing a low emissions development action plan.