Meet the Ambitious Cities

about the cities

With the unprecedented rates of urbanization in Southeast Asia, ambitious low emission development strategies are critical to sustainable development in the region. Through Ambitious City Promises, cities across the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam took, and continue to take, action.


DKI Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital, historical center, and the fulcrum of the world’s second most populous metropolitan region, Jabodetabek.


Well-known for its manufacturing and a growing service economy, Bekasi’s role in waste management, particularly as the primary destination for the metropolitan area’s waste, is of tremendous importance to ACP.


Tangerang is seeking ways to incorporate integrated mass transportation options for its citizens while implementing low emission development initiatives.

Pasig City

Pasig City is one of the Philippines’ oldest and most prosperous cities among the sixteen peer cities in Metro Manila.


Marikina City is the manufacturing hub of Metro Manila and is considered the Shoe Capital of the Philippines.


As a booming city with business centers, residential hubs, and industrial pockets, Parañaque City’s rapid urbanization and industrialization caused sharp increases in energy consumption, traffic, and waste generation.


Hanoi is the thousand-year-old, bustling capital of Vietnam and one of the world’s fastest-growing capital cities.

Soc Son

Soc Son is a semi-mountainous agricultural region and one of five satellite towns of Greater Hanoi.

Son Tay

Son Tay is the economic, cultural, and social center of Hanoi’s North-West area.