About Jakarta

DKI Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital, historical center, and the fulcrum of the world’s second most populous metropolitan region, Jabodetabek. A coastal province traversed by 13 rivers, Jakarta is particularly exposed to climate-related disasters. The northern portion of the city is especially at risk because it is progressively sinking due to land subsidence. Jakarta’s rapid development lends itself to tremendous emissions reduction opportunities. DKI Jakarta has participated in the Earth Hour City Challenge (now known as One Planet City Challenge) since 2015, and has been awarded the National Earth Hour Capital. It has also been recognized with the national Adipura Awards, given for urban environmental management and cleanliness.


What does citizen-based climate action look like? Ask Jakarta’s religious leaders (CityTalk)

Climate commitments don’t simply fall out of the sky – successful climate action requires awareness raising, coalition building and buy-in and commitment from stakeholders at all levels. That is why the Ambitious City Promises project has focused on bottom-up models of climate action, supporting local governments in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines to pivot away from tokenism towards valuing stakeholders. Nowhere are these principles of engagement more prominently on display than in the religious community in Jakarta.
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