Improving Climate Policy in Indonesia Through Multi-level Governance

Indonesia Policy Brief No. 02

Ambitious City Promises promoted bottom-up stakeholder engagement as fundamental to climate action, and the integration of new climate action policies into preexisting frameworks. Despite the fact that the Indonesia’s national level GHG reduction commitments include local to national and international dimensions, coordination amongst government levels and relevant stakeholders still presents fundamental challenges in the process.  The discrepancy in the mandates for local governments in their role of climate change mitigation and adaptation may cause the failure of the proper implementation of the NDC.

Vertically integrating and synchronizing the climate efforts between different levels of government are required for effective implementation of local climate action and for providing sustainable benefits at the local and national level with impacts seen globally. This can be done by establishing dialogues and sharing information in both directions in the domains such as climate data reporting, policy development and implementation, and access to climate finance.