Jakarta: Assessment of Existing Climate Policies

Indonesia Policy Brief No. 01

The purpose of this rapid assessment is to provide an overview on commitments, current policies, plans and actions that have been done to develop an inclusive, participatory and more ambitious City Promise. In order to realize this plan, public consultations and focus group discussions have been conducted through the Ambitious City Promises project by involving stakeholder groups which consist of citizens, businesses, cross-sectoral departments in local and national governments.

Although the DKI Jakarta already has a local climate action plan, the Local Action Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction (RAD-GRK), in place, there exist a set of challenges that could impede the achievement of the GHG emissions reduction target. The major challenge identified is the lack of mechanisms to generate synergies and collaboration among the variety of different stakeholders. Moreover, concrete climate action oftentimes is in need of a clear integration/prioritization in the development plan