Sóc Sơn and Sơn Tây, Vietnam

Catalyzing Cleanliness: Hanoi's Path Towards Curbing Air Pollution

The Vietnamese capital of Hanoi has become a hotbed of air pollution amidst rapid economic growth. Citizens are increasingly concerned that effects from poor air quality will multiply, particularly as industrialization continues to accelerate in Hanoi’s outer agricultural districts.

In response, the Hanoi People’s Committee Council issued a directive in 2017 mandating the citywide elimination of straw burning (a pollutant heavy agricultural practice) and beehive coal stoves (for many, the traditional cooking methods). In the outlying Sóc Sơn and Sơn Tây Districts, local authorities and stakeholders are driving Hanoi’s movement towards behavioral changes that elevate collective environmental and climate action among Hanoians.