Towards a Plastic Waste-free Future in Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam Policy Brief No. 03

Plastic waste leakage to the environment is an urgent global issue that requires interventions across the entire plastic value chain. Southeast Asian countries which are cited to be the origin of most of the plastic pollution in our oceans are given the spotlight to influence and drive solutions at the national, regional, and global levels. The transboundary nature and complexity of the issue requires innovative and progressive policy (e.g., EPR, plastic waste trade agreements) and infrastructure solutions.

Due to very visible nature and direct mandates on solid waste management, local governments such as the City of Hanoi, play a crucial role in the containment and prevention of plastic waste leakage. Ambitious City Promises worked with project cities to co-create innovative and lasting engagement mechanisms, assembling stakeholders from across Hanoi to build partnerships targeted towards plastic waste reduction.